Indonesia Dance Company

Indonesia Dance Company (IDCO) was publicly launched in October 1st, 2016 at The Jakarta Art Building (Gedung Kesenian Jakarta). It was founded by Claresta Alim, who is concerned about the future of dancers and the world of dance in Indonesia. She decided to establish a place where Indonesia’s dance talents can be developed and united in reaching its utmost potential. One of IDCO’s aspirations is to transform dance profession as a promising and prospective career in the country.

IDCO employs Classical Ballet as its foundation of regular training because ballet technique has strong fundamental principles that facilitate the dancers to perform many type of dance forms. Those principles are flexibility, ability to use the power of muscles, proper and beautiful body alignment, musicality, as well as high artistic and aesthetic values that it has.

Types of dance productions and variations that will be performed by IDCO are Classical Ballet, Neoclassical Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Broadway, Modern Dance, Hiphop, Lyrical and Traditional dance.

We are passionate and deeply committed with our vision and missions. IDCO has its focus to generate great dance masterpieces created by Indonesia’s talents with international standard and quality. The management is organized professionaly, training is done intensively and with consistency, also the quality of dancers will always be monitored to maintain and develop their performance and competency. Choreographers and Dancers of IDCO are those who have exceptional dedication in the world of dance in Indonesia, with great achievements and experience in the field.


'To elevate the quality and popularity of the world of dance in Indonesia and bringing it to its glory, nationally and worldwide'.

  1. To establish and maintain good collaboration with Indonesia’s government, media partners, as well as local and foreign dance schools and companies.
  2. To train the dancers with international standard and procedures.
  3. To consistently organize original, up-to-date, creative and innovative dance production/performance that can seize the attention of general public and increase their aprreciation and interest in the world of dance.
  4. Annually, creating one dance production with Indonesia’s unique culture as its theme.
  5. To be actively enrolled in national and international dance events such as competition, workshop and festival.
  6. To change the public’s paradigm regarding the world of dance and its profession.
  7. To produce distinguished dancers that are well-known nationally and globally for their achievements, quality, character and creativity.